In the name of God


Guilan Cochlear Implantation Center (Avaye Caspian) is the only approved and authorized center in Guilan province (a flourishing province at the north of IRAN) that can perform all diagnostic and therapeutic tasks related to cochlear implantation (CI). Moreover, having facilities and expertise, Avaye Caspian CI Center provides complete services for diagnosing different types of hearing loss, counseling, evaluation and candidacy for hearing aids or cochlear implantation and aural rehabilitation and speech therapy. Avaye Caspian CI Center benefits from an organized multidisciplinary team including: neuro-otologists and ENT surgeons, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and other consultants from Pediatrician, Psychology,Genetics, cardiology and ophthalmology departments.

By presence In Guilan province, all regional needs for diagnosis and intervention of hearing loss and cochlear implant surgery has been resolved ,and availability for this high-tech procedure is facilitated. Our main goal in this center is to provide the highest quality services, both in diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitation sections for our patients and their families.